Consider Bankruptcy If You Want a New Financial Start in Oakland, Hayward or the East Bay

Has the economy wiped you out? Can’t cover the credit card bills anymore? Is your car lender threatening to repossess? Are you taking cash advances on your credit cards to pay your mortgage and cover utilities?

How would you like to make all of financial stress end in an instant? That’s exactly what happens when you file a bankruptcy case with Oakland attorney James Pixton. Once you file with Pixton Bankruptcy Law, you are immediately protected from nasty phone calls and threatening letters. None of your creditors can bother you (in most cases) while you’re in bankruptcy.

All Oakland and Alameda County bankruptcy cases are filed in the Oakland Bankruptcy Court on Clay Street. When he gets the bankruptcy case number from the bankruptcy court, attorney James Pixton goes to work from his Alameda office, protecting his clients and going after creditor for violations of bankruptcy law, if necessary. Over the years, Attorney Pixton has obtained thousands of dollars of sanctions from creditors that include banks and check cashing businesses. East Bay bankruptcy attorney James Pixton is very serious about protecting his clients.

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James Pixton

James Pixton is a bankruptcy attorney in Alameda, California. He is a graduate of Brigham Young University and Boston College Law School. He is an avid cyclist and rode the DeathRide in Markleeville, California, eight years in a row. When not cycling, he plays water polo and has the scars to prove it. James is the parent of four precocious children who keep things busy around the home with schoolwork and water polo. James and his youngest child Porter are cancer survivors. When he's not saving his bankruptcy clients from the evil designs of big banks or on his bike, he can be found reading, writing and reflecting on what makes a society run better.

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