Oakland-Hayward Bankruptcy Attorney James Pixton Authors Booklet About Avoiding Ten Dumb Mistakes in Bankruptcy

East Bay bankruptcy attorney James Pixton recently authored a short booklet for consumers considering bankruptcy. The 12-page booklet entitled “Ten Dumb Things That Can Torpedo Your Bankruptcy Case,” explains in simple language and with clear examples what everyone in the Bay Area needs to know before filing a bankruptcy case.

Order the booklet at www.pixlaw.comThe bankruptcy trustees in the bankruptcy courts in Oakland, San Francisco and San Jose are very aggressive when it comes to going after friends and family of Bay Area residents who file for bankruptcy. Sometimes, relatives and friends can find themselves in the cross-hairs of the federal government for reasons that don’t even make sense at first.

This booklet, one in a series of pieces by Attorney Pixton, will give consumers the information they need to avoid major headaches in their bankruptcy. By arming themselves with the right information, they can make sure their attorney does things right and make sure they get the full protection of bankruptcy law when they file. If things are handles right, San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland bankruptcy trustees will just have to look elsewhere to get paid.

Order the book today by going to Attorney Pixton’s main website at pixlaw.com. You can also call his office at (510) 451-6200 to request a copy. You can also use the handy form below. GET THE INFORMATION YOU NEED TO PROTECT YOURSELF TODAY!

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James Pixton

James Pixton is a bankruptcy attorney in Alameda, California. He is a graduate of Brigham Young University and Boston College Law School. He is an avid cyclist and rode the DeathRide in Markleeville, California, eight years in a row. When not cycling, he plays water polo and has the scars to prove it. James is the parent of four precocious children who keep things busy around the home with schoolwork and water polo. James and his youngest child Porter are cancer survivors. When he's not saving his bankruptcy clients from the evil designs of big banks or on his bike, he can be found reading, writing and reflecting on what makes a society run better.

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