Nifty Little Cartoon From Fiverr Looks Just Like Me

Fiverr Helps Law Firm Lighten Its Image

Attorney James Pixton finds an artist that makes him smile.

James Pixton in cartoon form.
James Pixton, attorney in cartoon form.

I discovered Fiverr recently. For five bucks artists across the world will go to work for you and draw up what you ask of them. Of course, five dollars will only get you a basic “gig.” To get the first-class stuff, you have to purchase additional “gigs” (each with its own price and not necessarily limited to five bucks). The more complicated the work, the more gigs you have to buy to get the job done. Still, it’s a deal and it contributes to the global economy. I get great artwork and I get to pay artists in the Middle East and Asia. They win. I win.

I even asked a couple different artists to draw up two of my kids as super heroes. They got a kick out of it and so did I. Here they are as Captain America and WonderWoman. They both liked their cartoon likeness but I don’t think they were as enamored with Fiverr as I was. Cartoons are wasted on the youth!

fiverr graphic artist paints Pixton kid digitally
James Pixton’s daughter in cartoon form from Fiverr
2014-08-18 10.17.05
What ten-year-old would be happy with the work of this graphic artist from Fiverr?

I’ve spent some time sifting through Fiverr and have found a lot of gigs that might add value to my business for not a huge outlay. For instance, voice actors will record my phone greeting. I’m thinking of hiring a woman with an Australian accent to do my phone greetings. After all, when you’re calling a bankruptcy or family law attorney Alameda, California, you expect to get someone with an Australian accent answering the phone, right?

An then there are some artists on Fiverr who will design logos and business cards that are out of this world. I could use a new logo. The one I “invented” myself is tired and uninspiring. I’m going to be spending way more time buying gigs on Fiverr!

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